Dominion Paint Creek Ranch

and Paint Creek Runs Thru It
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Dominion Properties | Paint Creek Ranch

Now you can own 50 to 500 acres of a famous hill country ranch that has never before been available. This spectacular land has been owned by only two families since the Indians roamed here over 120 years ago.

You can choose the perfect ranch you've always been looking for.
You can select the topography you want and you can create the exact size of ranch that fits your budget.

Dominion Properties | Paint Creek Ranch
Dominion Properties | Paint Creek Ranch

Just west of Kerrville. Can you just imagine a totally unique ranch that has the beautiful Paint Creek meandering thru it?

There are high bluffs, lots of caves, Indian mounds, huge trees and especially wonderful habitat for wildlife. The native and exotic animals are everywhere and they have lots to eat and plenty of water. And, there are twenty five mile views that will take your breath away.

Dominion Properties | Paint Creek Ranch
Dominion Properties | Paint Creek Ranch

This unbelievable, high fenced ranch, which consists of 1,450 acres, has been owned by only two families since the Indians roamed the land, and has never been available as it is right now. You can purchase from 50 to 500 acres, choose the exact area you want. You'll have your own country road entrance.

We're Selling Part Of This Ranch.

Dominion Properties | Paint Creek Ranch

Now, a few families can own a part of this beautiful ranch. Small to medium size ranches are now available while they last… and they will not last long. We’re ranchers and we plan to keep part of this ranch so we’ll be your neighbor. 

The ranches start at about 50 acres and go up to 500 acres. The entire ranch is high fenced, and deed restricted for owner protection. Right now you can select the area you want and the size ranch that fits your budget. Each ranch has road frontage with your own private entrance.

Several ranches come complete with your own cabin. Choose up to 300 acres with your own already built cabin. It's ready for you to add the finishing touches. Imagine your own 25 mile view from your front porch.

Own a part of Dominion Paint Creek Ranch and you can enjoy all the benefits of a large game ranch without the headaches and expense.

Dominion Properties | Paint Creek Ranch

The Benefits Are All Yours.

Now you can have all the benefits of owning a large ranch, but not the excessive costs. When we sell you a ranch out of Dominion Paint Creek, we will become neighbors. We will share our experience, our man power, our equipment and anything else you may need to make life easier.

Dominion Properties | Paint Creek Ranch

As An Owner Of Dominion Paint Creek You Will Have Use Of A Private Guest Lodge.

A new Guest Lodge is available for a number of years for landowners use as an added amenity for owning a ranch at Dominion Paint Creek. There’s no need to build a house on your ranch at Dominion Paint Creek when you can enjoy and entertain at the lodge.

Take your pick from a limited number of acres available for sale.
Choose from 50 to 500 acres.

Dominion Properties | Paint Creek Ranch
Dominion Properties | Paint Creek Ranch

Experience That Counts.

We’re a family ranching operation and we’ve been ranching in the Hill Country of Texas since 1979. During that time we have bought and sold over thirty thousand acres of ranch land. We have a full time ranch manager, and ranch hands with all the proper equipment for building ponds, roads, house pads and clearing brush. We also have available contractors for building houses, drilling water wells, barns, doing rock work, a feeder filling and maintenance program and anything else one of our landowners needs… And, we’ll supervise your work to make sure you get the job done at the right price. This makes it so easy for our absentee owners, and it takes the normal headaches and worries out of ranching.

Dominion Properties | Paint Creek Ranch
Dominion Properties | Paint Creek Ranch

The Wildlife Is Unbelievable.

We've had wildlife biologists that have worked with us since 1979. That helps manage the wildlife herd. We have stocked Dominion Paint Creek with superior genetic South Texas Whitetail Deer. There are native deer, turkey and exotics such as axis, fallow, elk, red stag, aoudad, blackbuck antelope, sika and others, as well as, mountain lion and lots of hogs. We supplemental feed and manage the entire ranch. Each landowner enjoys all the benefits of a large ranch. Landowners only hunt their own land, while using game managed quotas allotted for each owner, each year, to insure the quantity and quality of our herd. This is the same program that we have been using successfully for over twenty five years. This program has been proven to work!

Great Tax Benefits.

Believe it or not, we can help you create a ranching operation in order to take full advantage of the available tax benefits. You’ll receive an agricultural tax exemption and tax write-offs, including depreciation of fences, roads, house, animals, interest expense taxes and your costs to operate your ranch. Does this sound to good to be true? Well, it’s true and we’ve been successfully doing this for small ranch owners since 1979.


Prices are available on request. Investor terms by Seller are available.

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