Dominion Ranch

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Dominion Properties | Dominion Ranch
Dominion Properties | Dominion Ranch

Imagine owning 100 acres of Texas Hill Country with more bucks than the typical 700 acres in Kerr County. And the whitetail bucks are monsters. Now you can own 50 to over 500 acres of a famous hill country ranch that has never before been available. This spectacular land has been owned by only two families since the Indians roamed here over 120 years ago.

You can choose the perfect ranch you've always been looking for.

You can select the topography you want and you can create the exact
size of ranch that fits your budget.
Dominion Properties | Dominion Ranch

For the first time ever, a portion of Dominion Ranch is being sold off in smaller parcels.

Dominion is a multi-thousand acre, high fenced, highly improved game ranch that was once part of the world famous YO Ranchlands. This legendary ranch is now being sold off in smaller parcels by the ranching family that created this special game paradise.

The ideal location for a hill country game ranch.

Dominion is located in the northwest portion of Kerr County, 11 miles south of I-10, off Highway 83. The ranch is conveniently located 15 miles from Junction and less than an hour from Kerrville.

Dominion Properties | Dominion Ranch
Dominion Properties | Dominion Ranch

You won't believe the wildlife until you see it with your own eyes.

The entire ranch is under game fence in three pastures and has been professionally gamed managed since 1979. The wildlife has been supplemental fed since 1980 from 16 separate feeding stations. Dominion was originally stocked with exotics by the YO Ranchlands over 40 years ago. The present owner purchased genetically superior exotics in 1981 and 1982 and introduced them to the ranch. Today the huge wildlife herd contains over 1,250 animals. There is one mature animal for every 3.7 acres. The buck/doe ratio is one to one.

Dominion has a separate high fenced, 240 acre big whitetail buck breeding pasture. The wildlife alone on Dominion has a value well in excess of $1,000,000. A professional wildlife manager lived on the ranch for almost 20 years. The ranch has huge whitetail deer, world class axis deer, black buck antelope, fallow deer, sika deer, greater eland, aoudad, Africian oryx, addax, as well as resident mountain lions, hogs, fox, bobcats, turkey and catalina goats. These free ranging animals will take your breath away. A number of whitetail and exotics have won hunting contests and are in the world record books. A recent Texas Parks and Wildlife survey indicated that 100 acres of land on Dominion Ranch has more bucks on it than 700 acres of typical Kerr County land.

Own a part of Dominion Ranch and you can enjoy all the benefits of a large game ranch without the headaches and expense.

Dominion Properties | Dominion Ranch
Dominion Properties | Dominion Ranch

Each area of the ranch has great views, water and stock tanks, big trees and has been manicured for over 20 years.

Dominion has a number of deep water wells so no animal has to walk a long distance to get water. This insures even utilization of the available vegetation and helps prevent over grazing around the water holes. Also each parcel has improved ranch roads that have been hand cleared of brush on both sides for better game viewing.

Dominion Properties | Dominion Ranch

Dominion offers end of the road privacy and security.

You'll enjoy your own private gated entry and paved road frontage. Your ranch is safe and secure with a locked private gate off Hwy. 83 and an automatic gate at the entrance to your ranch.

Dominion has had an intensive conservation program since 1979.

The ranch has had a year round brush and cactus clearing program in progress since 1979. Food plots have been created and water wells and stock water tanks developed and the pastures have been constantly improved for quality wildlife and conservation since 1980. In 1984 Dominion Ranch was selected and received from the State of Texas an award as being one of the outstanding conservation improved ranches in the entire state.

Take your pick from a limited number of acres available for sale.
Choose from 50 to over 2,000 acres.

Dominion Properties | Dominion Ranch
Dominion Properties | Dominion Ranch

Pick out your views, your valleys, your bluffs, your lakes and your landscape.

Dominion Ranch has it all. Great views, high bluffs, blue water lakes, gently rolling hills, big open valleys, creek bottoms and yes, lots of rocks. Many of the cedar trees have been cleared, especially around the internal road system. (No vegetation grows under a cedar tree, so clearing helps produce more food for the animals). Many of the large oak trees have been hand pruned and manicured. Food plots have been planted all over the ranch.

Dominion Properties | Dominion Ranch
Dominion Properties | Dominion Ranch

As an owner of Dominion, you will have the use of a private Guest Lodge.

One tract will be set aside for landowners use and enjoyment for ideal entertaining. The lodge will be for the exclusive use of landowners and their guests. There's no need to build a house on your ranch at Dominion when you can enjoy and entertain at the Guest Lodge.

Other amenities are also available.

As a Dominion landowner, you can be a part of the feeder filling and maintenance program, have access to workers for small or large projects, savings for items such as water wells to game feeders and more, in addition to use of the lodge.

Tax Benefits

There are significant tax benefits available to Dominion Ranch owners, including an agricultural exemption.


Prices are available on request. Investor terms by Seller are available.