The Hill Country Hunting Ranch You’ve Been Looking For

Dominion at Vista Ridge Ranch

Own Property In a Well Managed Game Preserve

Now you can own 50 to 200 acres within a 2,500 acre high fenced well managed game preserve. This spectacular land has been owned by only two families in the last 100 years. This opportunity will not last long!

What Makes Our Hunting Property Special
Landowners can hunt their land, while using the game management plan, to ensure the quantity and quality of our herd. So each landowner enjoys all the benefits of a large ranch.

  • Abundant Wildlife – herd of whitetail, turkeys, hogs and exotics:
    axis ☆ fallow ☆ blackbuck ☆ oryx ☆ aoudad
  • Turnkey Operation – no need to clear land or build internal roads.
  • Security and Privacy – the rock and wrought iron entry gate has remote control and keypad access.
  • Experience That Counts – We are a family ranching operation  that time we have bought and sold over 50,000 acres of hill country ranch land.
  • Great Tax Benefits – we can help you create a ranching operation in order to take full advantage of the available tax benefits.
  • Guest Cabins –  Vista Ridge Ranch landowners will have access to two guest cabins for a number of years for your exclusive use as an added amenity.
  • RV Hookups – RV hookups are available on the ranch until the owner gets their own utilities on their land.
  • Owner Financing Available

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

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Own a Ranch in the Texas Hill Country

When you buy a ranch from Dominion Properties, we become your neighbors.
We share our experience, our man power, our equipment, and anything else you may need to make life easier. We’ll do everything we can to help you save money once you own your part of the Texas Hill Country.

Great Tax Benefits
We will help you create a ranching operation that takes full advantage of all the available tax benefits. You will receive a wildlife exemption that reduces your property taxes. You can receive tax write-offs, including depreciation of fences, roads, ponds, house, exotics, interest expense, taxes, and your cost to operate your ranch. We have been successfully guiding our ranch owners for over 30 years, and it works!

The Benefits Are All Yours
Now you can have all the benefits of owning a large ranch, but not the excessive costs.  The properties are deed restricted for the protection of your investment.

Abundant Wildlife

The ranch has a professional wildlife biologist on hand to manage the ranch and its herd of whitetail and exotics. There are turkeys, hogs, and exotics such as fallow, axis, blackbuck antelope, and aoudad. We supplemental feed and manage the entire ranch.

Security and Privacy

A private, rock and wrought iron entry gate was built with remote control and keypad access. The ranch fronts a county maintained road. A three mile paved easement provides easy access to each property.

Spectacular Views

West of Kerrville and just north of Junction, Texas. This ranch has had an extensive cedar removal program for several years. And there are 25 mile views that will take your breath away.

Turnkey Operation

Our landowners do not have to worry about clearing the land or building internal roads within their property. The entire ranch is being selectively cleared with the environment and the habitat in mind.

Vista Ridge Ranch is located west of Kerville and just north of Junction, TX.
Choose the perfect ranch you’ve been looking for.

As an out of state property holder, I have to state that working with the Cummings has been an exceptionally positive experience. I know that I have been a demanding client and they have been very helpful to both my brother and myself. They are honest and hardworking. If you are considering purchasing property in the hill country, I strongly recommend that you consider working with them.

Monte Joseph Brough

This Opportunity Won’t Last Long

Landowners can hunt their land, while using the game management plan, to ensure the quantity and quality of our herd. So each landowner enjoys all the benefits of a large ranch.